A Unique Science Show Program for School Assemblies

Looking for a great science show that will educate elementary school audiences?

The Mousetrap Machine Show is a STEM based science assembly program that teaches students how simple machines work!

This school assembly ties directly into state science curriculum for grades K-5!

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About The Mousetrap Machine Science Assembly

The Mousetrap Machine Show combines Science, Math and Art to teach students about how the five essential simple machines work: the Lever, the Wheel, the Pulley, the Inclined Plane and the Screw.

Throughout the assembly, over twenty student volunteers demonstrate the workings of these five simple machines using eye popping oversized balloon sculptures. Balloon wheels on a motorcycle really turn, pulleys really lift weights and balloon screws even fly through the air!

By the show’s close, these simple “balloon” machines are linked together to create a more complex “Rube-Goldberg style” mousetrap, in order to catch a runaway mouse.

By first demonstrating how each simple machine works, then showing how they can work together to form more complex structures, students learn first-hand how machines in their life are engineered to solve problems.

A truly innovative and unique science assembly, the Mousetrap Machine Show inspires student audiences to a lifelong interest in science.

Mousetrap Machine Curriculum Connection

We understand that in today’s elementary schools, students need to be actively learning every single day. There’s no time to waste!

The Mousetrap Machine Show is specifically designed to enhance the state-required curriculum that students are already learning in the classroom.

This show focuses on three essential areas essential to student development in grades K-5.


The five simple machines demonstrated in the show are those essential to understanding more complex machines. After each machine is introduced in the show, students are taught how these components can be combined in unique ways to create a more complicated machine.


Students actively build problem solving skills by working out ways of combining five simple machines together to solve the problem of constructing a successfully functioning mousetrap design.


The unusual medium of balloons showcase the unlimited possibilities of creative thinking. The show’s use of oversized balloon constructions demonstrate to students that machines can be unconventional, or even take completely new forms never seen before!

Raves & Reviews

As a professional stage performer for over 15 years, Smarty Pants has garnered rave reviews for his ability to both educate and entertain youth audiences. Smarty Pants and his team at The Mousetrap Machine Show perform in over 150 elementary schools every year. Teachers, parents and educators are raving about the Mousetrap Machine Science Assembly!

Sonia Cisternino
Little Fort Elementary

”That was the most enriching hands-on learning experience ever! Each student walked away having learned something new. Engaging our children with a fresh perspective on simple machines was priceless to our school!”

Heidi Schmuldt
Park View PTA

“Your Show was Innovative and Fun – I especially appreciated how the students became part of the show’s big mousetrap machine finale. Thank you for your professional and enthusiastic show”

Hal Jenkins
Skokie District 65

“The Mousetrap Machine Show has a great approach to teaching and reinforcing learning about simple machines. I would recommend this show to others looking for a quality program.”

Joan Puidak
Hilltop Elementary

“The staff, the students and the PTO reps all LOVED this assembly! It was entertaining, it was educational and it held every single student’s complete attention for the entire program.”

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View our pricing below. In some cases there may be a travel fee to some locations outside the Chicagoland metro area. Each assembly lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes a post-show curriculum guide for use in the classroom.

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Single Show


Includes one 45-minute Mousetrap Machine Science Assembly Show!

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Two Mousetrap Machine Science Assembly Shows! Price is for two shows on the same day at the same school.

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Triple Assembly


Two Mousetrap Machine Science Assembly Shows! Price is for three shows on the same day at the same school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question below to reveal the answer. Have a question that isn't answered below? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

What grades is this assembly suited for?

The assembly fits directly into the curriculum for grades 3 & 4 but suitable for kindergarten through Grade 5.

How long is the assembly?

Each assembly is approximately 45 minutes long. We can adjust the assembly length to suit your school’s schedule.

Does this assembly fit into our school’s curriculum?

Yes! The Mousetrap Machine assembly was designed specifically to fit the science curriculum for Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Will this assembly keep our kids interested?

Smarty Pants is an award-winning family entertainer with over 15 years of experience in front of youth audiences. We guarantee even your older students will be spellbound from the first minute until the last.

What is the fee for the assembly?

Rate is $599 for one show, $899 for a double show back to back, or $1199 for a triple assembly.

How should we split our grades up for a multiple assembly?

For a double assembly, we suggest one for grades K-2, and the second for grades 3-5. While the general content of both shows is the same, the show for grades 3-5 does include more advanced scientific principles and moves at a faster pace compared to the K-2 assembly.

Do you offer an assembly for our science night?

Yes! Smarty Pants can present the Mousetrap Machine assembly for your school’s science night. He’ll even use a few select parents as show volunteers, to the delight of your students!

What is your availability for our desired assembly date?

Drop us a line through our Contact Page – we generally book up our available dates fast, but often can accommodate your desired assembly date.

About Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants is a professional science assembly presenter, specializing in using innovative balloon props in his unique stage productions.

Before entering his professional performing career, Smarty Pants graduated with a degree in Environmental Science from the prestigious Columbia University of New York City. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science from Columbia, Smarty worked in a professional geology lab, analyzing deep sea oceanic rock core samples.

The Mousetrap Machine Show combines Smarty’s dual passions of balloon sculpture and science, to create a one of a kind assembly.

In addition to school assemblies, Smarty is also an award winning balloon artist, exhibiting his work at venues including the White House, Adler Planetarium, The Chicago History Museum, as well as regularly on WGN-TV’s morning news. His work has also been recently featured on the Huffington Post, garnering worldwide publicity for his “Wonder Woman Invisible Jet” created for his daughter Penny Pants.

For more information about Smarty Pants, see our website at SmartyPantsWorld.com

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